Video shows armed man killed by Pasadena Police during fight with K9 after pursuit

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A San Fernando man who led Pasadena Police on a foot pursuit in April that ended in a scuffle with a police K9 was fatally shot after attempting to reach for a handgun, officials said Tuesday as they released body-worn camera footage of the shooting.

Ricardo Guade Andrade, 36, was approached by police on the evening of April 13 while parked in a white pickup truck on Hudson Avenue, near Del Mar Boulevard, police said. His truck was parked in the wrong direction on a one-way street when officers attempted to conduct a check on the vehicle.

Andrade turned the engine on and attempted to flee after officers told him to step out of the truck.

One officer stood in front of Andrade’s path, telling his dispatch that he has “got one at gunpoint. He’s trying to run me over,” according to the body-worn footage.

Andrade ran a red light during the pursuit before crashing the truck into a parked vehicle in the driveway of a home along the 800 block of Arden Road. A K9 officer was the first to arrive and sent the dog towards the truck.

“Stop, or you’re going to get bit,” the officer said before shouting “gun” twice.

Andrade fled from the pickup truck and into the neighborhood, first breaking into a home about a block away from the crash by smashing the glass on the front door. The victims hid inside a closet and told dispatch that they could hear Andrade demanding the key to their car.

The victims were unharmed, and Andrade eventually left.

He broke into a second home through the back door in the 700 block of Oak Knoll Circle, scaring the residents, who fled out the front door.

One woman running from the home shouted to the officers for help, saying “he’s got a gun,” and that he was inside their home, according to the footage.

A police helicopter spotted Andrade in the backyard of the home using a night vision camera while officers were planning to enter the residence.

The K9 dog was the first to be sent into the backyard, police helicopter footage shows. The man was quickly subdued by the K9, clamping onto his arms and legs.

At least two officers arrived shortly after the K9 had taken down Andrade, and began ordering him to show them his hands. Andrade, who was still struggling with the dog, attempted to reach for what authorities say was a handgun, though it is not clear in the footage. One officer shouts “gun,” and “watch my dog,” before firing around eight shots at the suspect.

He was pronounced dead at the scene and a handgun was found near the body, police said. No officers were injured.

It was not determined if his weapon was ever fired, and the shooting was being investigated by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office alongside detectives with the police department’s Robbery and Homicide Unit.

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