Ruler That Create the City Remember You can't Go Against Control

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Ruler of the City is not an online game of skill. The rules are simple, you move your city from one side of the map to the other, but there is more to it than that.
When you understand the other side, you speak like me. I live in America where one side of the law breaks the rules of the constitution. The other side gives orders to steal from the people in a smart way. The entire world refers to them as the "home government," though some refer to them as the federal government. I know this because I was the one that exposed it worldwide.

The Ruler of the City is an allegory which offers an insight into the way the world works and the way people behave. It has a moral which, if followed, will lead the individual to a life of happiness and contentment.
The Ruler of the City He is the one who rules over the city. The ruler of the city is the one who is acknowledged by the people as the one who rules over the city. When you experience the government listening to your thoughts, fooling the people to believe that you are a mad man, Homer sexual, bum, or drunk, and when you notice that everyone believes them, you will change your mind about the people's way of thinking.

I see the government stealing all my work that I have on my computer and letting their artists redo it. I noticed that some of them are people under corruption control in New York City.We are living in a time where the government controls the people's creativity. I also noticed they don't follow the rules of the constitution law. They are ruling above it.
What I am experiencing right now in this 2022 time period is one side of the law stealing the star ideas and giving them to the other side. When they do that, they delete them to cover up the corruption control act.
I learn that when someone comes forward to the government about a professional problem, the people will turn on you in advance. In America, the government tricks the city people to download them on one side of the law. They have them steal the beat. I make all the songs I write for Natural Nation play. I 'roll in this behavior.

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