BPD releases bodycam footage of officer chasing, shooting armed teen

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0:00 - Key point body cam
2:04 - Raw body cam
3:48 - First aid
5:51 - Weapons and drugs recovered from teen
Questions remain after Baltimore Police released bodycam footage of an officer chasing and shooting a fleeing teenager armed with a gun last Thursday.

The video begins from the viewpoint of detective Cedric Elleby, who is sitting on a stoop speaking with a group of at least four citizens in the 2500 block of McHenry Street.

This portion of the video has no sound, so it's unclear why Elleby was initially sitting there or what he was saying to the group.

Among the group was 17-year-old Mekhi Franklin, who at one point was sitting next to Elleby.

Just a few seconds into the video, Franklin and another person get up to walk away. Elleby then stands up and begins to follow them.

Police say Elleby noticed Franklin had a "bulge" near his waistband, which they claim are characteristics of an armed person.

Throughout the interaction, an occupied white van is seen stopped in the middle of the block, following Elleby and Franklin. It's unknown at this time if it was an unmarked police vehicle.

As Elleby stops Franklin, the video sound picks up. Elleby says "come here," to which Franklin replies "what sir" before turning around and running away.

Elleby gives chase through a heavily weeded area, down an alleyway. During the foot pursuit, Franklin with his right hand is seen pulling a handgun from his waistband.

Despite several orders to drop the weapon, Franklin continues fleeing towards another alley in the 300 block of Catherine Street.

That's when Elleby fires multiple shots, striking Franklin, who continues to recover from his injuries.

On scene, police recovered a loaded stolen handgun and suspected marijuana.

Elleby, whose been on the force since 2019, is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Following the shooting, WMAR-2 News spoke to Mekhi's mother, Kieria Franklin.

She called her son a "good boy" and "not a bad kid."

"This is crazy that this is happening to me and my family, and it’s not like he got gunned down in the streets, he got gunned down by somebody that’s supposed to save you, Baltimore City Police," she said.

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