Mohave County deputies rescue woman clinging to stop sign during flooding

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New body-cam video released on Wednesday shows deputies saving a woman clinging to a stop sign as floodwaters rush around her in Golden Valley. Two Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies and another man pulled the woman to safety after her car was swept away in the water on Monday.

One deputy began tying the rope, ensuring it was secure before warning the woman. “OK! There’s a loop. Again, don’t try to catch it, just let it hit you,” he said. He then threw the rope at the woman as she clung to the stop sign, waiting until it was close enough to grab it. “Under your armpits!” he yelled to the woman. She made sure the rope was tight enough to hold onto as the three men began pulling. The woman trekked through the rushing floodwaters, finally making it across unharmed. “Oh my God, thank you,” the woman says to the men.

The water had begun to recede, but deputies are reminding people these situations are still dangerous and never to drive or walk into floodwaters. Only 6 inches of fast-moving floodwater can knock over a person; it only takes 12 inches to carry away cars and trucks. So always remember, “turn around, don’t drown.”

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