BCSO K-9 Deputy Lauren Donaldson Saves K-9 ‘Zeppelin’ With His Leash After Jumping Off SR 528

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It was a heart-stopping moment for a Brevard County deputy when her canine partner jumped from the top of a 75-foot bridge.

Luckily, Deputy Lauren Donaldson was holding Zeppelin's lead when the dog jumped off the top of the 528 Causeway recently, according to a Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

She was able to quickly pull Zeppelin back over the railing.

The two had just participated in an arrest in the area.

Zeppelin, a Belgian Malinois, weighs 75 pounds and "Lauren weighs 122 pounds when she is soaking wet and holding a bowling ball," the Sheriff's Office said.

"Yet somehow she managed to not panic and pull Zeppelin” back to safety!

"Without Lauren’s fast action, there is no question that Zeppelin would have fallen approximately 75 feet into the Indian River and most likely to his death!"

"I’m still mad at Zeppelin for giving us all a huge scare, but am so grateful that he is okay and unharmed," said Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

Lauren and Zeppelin are two-time reigning champions in the Hardest Hitting K-9 category of the Space Coast K-9 Competition.

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