A rocket hit a residential building in Kiev.

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At first, it was assumed that it was a Russian missile, but it turned out that the Ukrainian air defense tried to intercept the Kalibr flying to the Zhuliany airport, but they did not succeed,and the anti-aircraft missile went into residential areas.

My nephew is studying at one of the universities in Kiev, and when the fighting started, he 'disappeared from the radar'. We were worried, but the connection was restored and it turned out that everything was fine with him.
Now he was able to return to his family.

There is also information sent from Ukraine (and a scanned document signed by Serhiy Grechanyuk, Head of the Criminal Penalty Enforcement Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine) about the involvement of criminals in defense and the issuance of weapons. If that's true, it's f*cked up... there is no seal on the document, so I hope this is a hoax.

The other day in Kiev, ten thousand AK were distributed to everyone, without even checking their belonging to crime - and immediately robberies began in the city. That is, in the evening, for example, they ring the doorbell, introduce themselves as an evacuation team, people open it - and they are robbed.

There is also a video of the shooting of a family in a car - but I won't post it here, the moderators won't miss it.

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