Dashcam video shows a Fairfax officer close call with an out-of control car during a traffic stop

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A wild video shows a Virginia police officer's extremely close call with an out-ocontrol car during a traffic stop Monday morning.

The video, released by Fairfax County Police, shows a speeding car careening across multiple lanes onto the other side of the road and into a car stopped along the shoulder.

A police officer, who suffered minor injuries, was clipped as he ran out of the way.

A 17-year-old driving the opposite direction at a high rate of speed lost control of the car and collided with the stopped car on the side of Fairfax County Parkway near Braddock Road, police said.

Everyone involved sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

The 17-year-old was charged with reckless driving.

"The Fairfax County Police Department is relieved that this crash did not result in a tragedy," Fairfax County Police said. "This is an important reminder that life can change in an instant. It is the driver's responsibility to drive safely and arrive safely. Parents and guardians should consider using this video as an opportunity to have a conversation with their teen drivers about how their driving behavior can affect the lives of others."

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