Woodland Police Release Bodycam Footage From Drag Event Canceled Over Threats Of Violence

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Police released bodycam footage from a drag show event in Woodland that was canceled Thursday night over alleged threats of violence.

Mojo’s Lounge and Bar, which is where the event was scheduled to be held, said on social media that the organizers and performers did not feel comfortable putting on the event due to online threats.

Although the event was canceled, some people still showed up to perform, said Christy Hayes, owner of Mojo’s. She said the group of aggressors showed up at around 8:15 p.m., just after about 30 mins of performance at Mojo’s and as everyone was leaving.

The Woodland Police Department said a group, made up of six or seven men, showed up and an altercation happened in front of Mojo’s. Derogatory comments were made toward the LGBTQIA+ community and the scheduled event.

Hayes said it is believed the group at the center of the alleged threats was the Proud Boys, though police could not confirm that.

“There was a pepper spray incident as an aggressor tried to force his way into Mojo’s,” Hayes said, and added, “someone had an asthma attack.”

Woodland police confirmed the pepper spray incident, which was someone from inside the bar spraying the members of the group that showed up. No arrests have been made but police said they will be reviewing surveillance footage to determine who made the alleged threats.

The bodycam footage released by the Woodland Police Department captured this moment.

The police department and Hayes both said officers were already in the area due to online threats made ahead of the event.

“We hope to do more stuff like this in the future. This isn’t going to hold us back,” Hayes said. ” We’re not scared of this. Things move on and we’ll continue to include everyone here and offer a safe space for everyone, as well as out on events that include the whole community.”

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