Cleveland police bodycam and surveillance video shows a shootout which killed Antwoina Carter

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The Cleveland Police Department has released surveillance and bodycam video from Antwoina Carter’s overnight shooting death on Sunday near her home in the Glenville neighborhood.

A surveillance video showed Carter’s car on East 105th Street and a vehicle following her. Someone leaned out of the passenger side window with a gun with a laser on it and fired at Carter’s car. This all happened within earshot of officers who had responded to a 911 call from her mother, Latrice Carter, that someone had busted out a car window in her driveway.

Carter’s car turned down Garfield Avenue, sideswiped a police vehicle and crashed down the street while officers opened fire and the car where the shots came from fled the area.

A laser sight from the vehicle that shot at Carter on East 105th Street is visible near the officers in a slowed-down version of the video.

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating the case, confirmed earlier this week that officers returned fire. We reached out to the county to find out if the officers who returned fire struck Carter’s vehicle. A spokesperson for the county declined to provide additional information.

On Thursday, the medical examiner’s office said Carter died from a gunshot wound with injuries to her heart, lung, major vessel and spine, adding: "Preliminary testing does not indicate that police activity was directly responsible for the decedent's death."

Police are still searching for the vehicle used in the shooting of Carter’s car and its occupants.

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