Oncoming train misses woman on level-crossing by inches in the Netherlands

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A woman narrowly avoided being hit by a speeding train after running onto a level crossing in the Netherlands.

The unidentified woman was seen ignoring the lowered barrier and dashing across the tracks at the Ermelo train station in Gelderland province. She then paused in front of another barrier mere inches from the side of the rails, before doubling back right into the path of the oncoming train.

Heart-stopping footage captured the moment the speeding train barreled past the woman, who walked away like nothing happened.

Train operator ProRail said: ‘Although ProRail is taking many measures and campaigning, we still see people too often along and on the track. Sometimes, because people do not know that they are dangerous, there are cases like this.’

The company added that such incidents cause difficulties both for train drivers and other commuters.

Meanwhile, authorities have so far been unable to identify the alleged offender.

ProRail spokesman Martijn de Graaf said: ‘It’s too bad that we couldn’t have contact with her. This is just ridiculous behaviour and it happens quite a lot in the Netherlands – around 160 times a year near stations or railway crossings.’

He also asked the public to not risk their lives and simply follow the rules.

The spokesman added: ‘I don’t care where you are in the world, be aware of the fact that this is very dangerous behaviour for you, for the people around you, but also for the driver of the train.’

Ignoring a red light at a level crossing is a punishable offence in the Netherlands, with fines reaching up to €250.

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