Body Cam Video of State Trooper Rescuing Conklin Dog

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Video recordings showing a New York state trooper moving quickly to help free a golden retriever trapped in a culvert near Binghamton have been made public.

State police have released the video from the body cam worn by Trooper Rasaphone, who was sent to Pierce Creek Road in the town of Conklin Sunday morning.

Rudy Fuehrer had been looking for 13-and-a-half-year-old Lilah, who had been missing since Friday afternoon. While searching for her near his home, he heard her "yip." He followed the sounds and discovered she was stuck in a drainage pipe.

Fuehrer told WNBF News he called 911 for assistance in retrieving Lilah. He said two state troopers showed up minutes later.

Rasaphone quickly assessed the situation, removed his gun belt and brought a rope from his troop car. Fuehrer said the trooper crawled into the narrow culvert and managed to place a collar around the dog's neck.

Within seconds, Rasaphone was out of the drainage pipe and Fuehrer was able to slowly pull Lilah out.

Fuehrer said both the trooper and his dog were soaking wet. He said Rasaphone declined his offer of a towel, saying he would change into another uniform at the station.

Fuehrer praised Rasaphone's compassion and initiative in helping reunite him with Lilah.

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