Kansas K-9 set to return to duty following injury sustained in snowy crash

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A Kansas Highway Patrol K-9 who was hit by a distracted driver in early January and spent the next few weeks in the ICU is set to soon return to work.
Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Tod Hileman, based in Hays, took to Facebook on Friday, Jan. 26, to thank the community for the prayers, comments, calls and care packages sent to K-9 Igor over the past few weeks.

On Jan. 12, first responders were called to I-70 in Ellis Co. with reports of a collision that involved a KHP patrol vehicle. Dash camera footage that may be graphic for some viewers shows Trooper Travis Budke and Trooper Douglas Schulte attempting to stop a semi-truck with a distracted driver.

KHP indicated the Troopers had shut down I-70 due to a semi-truck that had flipped over just ahead. Both attempted to flag the distracted driver down to no avail before he failed to exit the highway and collided with Trooper Budke’s vehicle with K-9 Igor still inside. The Troopers narrowly avoided being hit.

“We show this video as a graphic reminder of the dangers and consequences of distracted driving,” a KHP spokesperson said. “It is so important to always focus on the roadway when driving and put distractions away.”

Igor spent the next few days in the ICU and was able to return home to make a full recovery. He is expected to return to work in the next few weeks.

Trooper Budke said he would also like to thank Hillside Veterinary Clinic and the Veterinary Health Center at Kansas State University for the excellent care they provided.

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