Dashcam video shows a deputy pursuing a burglary suspect before a fatal crash into an Ocala building

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New video released by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office shows a deputy pursuing a suspect before a fatal crash into an Ocala building on Sunday night.

According to the sheriff’s office, a deputy tried to pull the suspect — Kyle Last, 36 — over for a traffic stop.

However, dashcam footage shows Last flee from the deputy, eventually ramming into the deputy’s vehicle while driving off the road.

Both vehicles get back on the road and the chase continues, though the deputy ultimately pulled over, declaring he was unable to keep pursuing Last, the video shows.

Smoke can be seen rising around the car, and a tire rolled away.

“My car’s 10-7. I’m at the 400 block,” the deputy can be heard saying. “He’s still northbound. Damn it.”

“10-7″ is typically used by law enforcement to declare that a deputy is “out of service,” according to law enforcement officials.

The sheriff’s office said that the impact from the collision had disabled the deputy’s car, preventing the deputy from continuing the chase.

According to investigators, they later discovered that Last had crashed into a local realty business along East Fort King Street. Last died in the crash, officers said.

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