New Chinese DF-17 Hypersonic Missile for chasing down US nuclear missiles after trump nuke button threat. .

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USA in shock.

Can fly to edge of space
11 metres long
Can switch target after launch.
Solid fuel.
2500 mile range.
can carry any warhead including nuclear.
Can launch from sub, ship, air and ground.
Top speed mach 7.5, 5500mph. (China claim) .
4000mph (us claim)
Can travel 180 miles in 100 seconds (china)
2 ton payload.
Can catch and destroy an f22 raptor in only a few seconds.
Thousands built to chase down and destroy US nuclear missiles and defend the south china sea from aircraft carriers and military aircraft.

Us military and space technology is a disgrace compared to new technology in china.

USA hate china because they are technical geniuses.

Iphone 13
Designed in california.
refined, produced, built and sent to usa for $40 to be packaged and sold from the usa to americans for $?.

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