Cache County releases body cam footage of a dog breeders' home explosion that left one person dead

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The Cache County Sheriff's Office on Friday released new details along with body cam footage from a home explosion in Cache County on Thursday that killed one person, left two more hospitalized.

The Cache Junction residents have been identified as Caryn, John and Joshua Mullin, who are professional, licensed dog breeders, according to CCSO Lt. Mikelshan Bartschi.

Caryn and Joshua Mullin were both injured in the explosion, both of whom were transported with multiple injuries.

John Mullin was initially unaccounted for in the hours after the explosion. Authorities found him deceased around midnight.

In addition to the residents of the home, there were also 30 dogs on the property in a separate location and 16 dogs inside the house when the explosion happened, according to Bartschi's statement.

"(Five) dogs were recovered in the home 5 hours after the explosion and taken to the New Vision Intake and Animal Shelter for treatment," according to CCSO. "Of those 5 dogs, 3 are in critical condition and 2 are in good condition. All the other dogs on the property are being taken care of by family members."

"The men and women who put their lives on the line to save Caryn demonstrated heroic behaviors as expected in Cache County," Bartschi wrote. "Our sincerest condolences to the family of the victims involved in this incident."

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