Police release bodycam video after man wields knife at West Bend polling place

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The West Bend Police Department released bodycam footage after an incident involving a knife-wielding man at a polling place on Tuesday.

A 38-year-old man was arrested at the West Bend Memorial Library on Tuesday after wielding a knife and yelling "stop the voting," according to the West Bend Polie Department. Police say he was holding a knife around others who were voting.

Police say voting was paused for 30 minutes until the scene was cleared. There were no injuries and the man was arrested without issue.

In the video, an officer points his gun at the man, demanding he drop his weapon and get on the ground. The man immediately got to the floor and admitted to having four boxcutter knives in his backpack.

As the officer ordered people to get children into a backroom, the man says, "Please get the children away."

The video then shows police cutting the man's backpack off of his body and handcuffing him.

When asked if he needed medical attention, the man responded that he should "probably have a psych eval (psychiatric evaluation)."

"Officer, I've had about three beers," the man admitted.

In an update on Wednesday, police say the man intentionally created a disturbance with the intent to provoke a police response. The man allegedly told investigators that disrupting the election process would ensure an immediate police response.

The man did not identify a political motive or affiliation.

Police said he was placed in jail and the following charges have been referred to the Washington County District Attorney:

Engage in Electioneering during Polling Hours on Election Day
Election Threats
Terroristic Threats
Endangering Safety by Use of a Dangerous Weapon
Disorderly Conduct
Criminal Damage to Property
Misdemeanor Bail Jumping

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