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All music fans across the globe have an artist that they support; some of them purchase all their collection of creation albums and mixtapes.
Hip-hop reggae mixtapes are something many people in the ghetto like to buy because they get a combination of two sounds on a hot new track from some of the best artists in America. Most of them only buy the DJ mix or get free downloads online. When it comes to listening to music, you have people like myself who listen to hip hop and r&b, reggae hip-hop music. Caribbean people that come to America at an early age listen to reggae hip-hop music, and one or more rap artists have their attention. At some point, you just need the right sounds to release the bad vibration. broadjam.com/styafiya
Reggae music is an excellent source of music for your party. It is a socially conscious music genre that has a message behind it. Reggae music is a great way to express yourself. Reggae music is a mix of many genres, including rock, reggae, dancehall, ska, and dub. You will find most of its artists to be very talented and to have a lot of positive energy that resonates with listeners. music.apple.com/us/artist/styafiya/291740617

Reggae hip-hop music is blended with roots and street vibes in the club; people dance to all different types of music; in some clubs, they play less dancehall and root reggae; if you are at a hip-hop club, you will hear mostly hip-hop music and R&B. They pay maybe one or five reggae artists only the one they teach to them, and all the other nations do the same. deezer.com/us/album/7688951?deferredFl=1

What happened to the artist that doesn't get any commercial radio play? A nation of people don't know who they are, and they create better music with different types of production. Some of them have fantastic fans that support their projects, but they don't sell millions of records. 

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