Columbus police arrest Pancake, who had stolen hamsters in his pants after breaking into a pet store

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The Columbus Division of Police released body camera video showing the arrest of a man who had hamsters in his pants after allegedly breaking into a pet store and two other businesses on the city's west side early Tuesday morning.

Officers were called to Roosters at 5225 Nike Station Way near Hilliard just after 3 a.m. Upon arrival, they discovered the restaurant was broken into. Video evidence shows a man with long hair wearing leopard-print pajamas inside.

A nearby Petland store was also broken into, with several animals seen running around in the parking lot. Police recovered two dogs, multiple birds, a hamster and at least two bunnies. A Famous Footwear store on Hilliard Rome Road was also broken into.

Around 4:45 a.m., officers found the man, police later identified as Matthew Pancake, sleeping on a bench near Big Lots on Roberts Road.

The bodycam video shows multiple officers surrounding Pancake as he sleeps on the bench.

An officer grabs Pancake off the bench and tells him he is under arrest.

Pancake asked several times asking what was happening and officers told him that he was under arrest for breaking and entering.

As officers searched Pancake, they found four hamsters and bedding in his leopard-printed pajamas.

"There are multiple gerbils in his pants," an officer can be heard saying. "Do you have any more gerbils on you?" The gerbils were later identified as hamsters.

The officers took pictures of the hamsters before returning them to the store.

Pancake was treated for injuries he suffered while allegedly breaking into one of the stores. He is charged with breaking and entering and vandalism. He is scheduled to be arraigned in court on Wednesday.

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