Suspected drunk driver crashes into state trooper during traffic stop

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New video shows a suspected drunk driver slamming into the back of an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper during a traffic stop.

Over the weekend, a trooper from the Springfield post was doing a traffic stop when he was hit from behind by a driver, according to a social media post by Ohio State Highway Patrol.

A video attached to the post shows the trooper inside his car when a loud bang is heard and the body worn camera footage shakes.

The trooper exits his cruiser and walks up to the driver of the truck that had just crashed into him.

“How much you’ve had to drink tonight?” the trooper asks.

“I had two drinks,” the suspect replies.

The trooper conducts a field sobriety test and then arrests the suspect on the charge of operating a vehicle while impaired.

The suspect tested over two times the legal limit, according to troopers.

No one was injured in the crash.

The suspect was not identified in the social media post.

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