Nun, 55, goes viral after sharking skincare routine on TikTok

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A nun has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her skincare routine as fans say she looks two decades younger than she is – and are convinced the secret is “swearing off men”.

Sister Monica, 55, from New Jersey, US, dropped her minimal skincare regimen after getting comments from fans begging to know the secret to her youthful looks.

The answer was surprisingly simple, with the nun avoiding direct sunlight as it causes her migraines, and washing her skin with gentle soap.

Sister Monica has been a nun since 2012, after giving up her job as a photo editor to commit herself to her religion.

She has 48,000 followers on TikTok (@nunsenseforthepeople), where she shares inside information of what life is like in the convent.

In her latest post, she explains she “doesn’t really have” a skincare routine, but admits she has “probably a few less wrinkles than someone else my age” – and talked them through why.

Sister Monica explained she doesn’t use beauty products because they are a “rip off” but washes her face daily with Aveeno oatmeal body wash for babies, and shoots videos in low lighting to protect her skin.

She also advised using a parasol when out in the sun.

Sister Monica was stunned that people thought she was significantly younger than she really is.

She joked: “Maybe someone in their thirties who hasn’t slept in like a month-and-a-half? I’ll give you that.

“In person, I assure you, you would look at me and say ‘that woman is 55 years old’.”

The video was viewed 270,000 times and racked up more than 50,000 likes.

One person said of her youthful appearance: “It’s because she doesn’t constantly deal with men’s audacity.”

“It’s because you’ve been living without men,” agreed another viewer.

Someone else joked: “It’s called no husband no kids.”

“I bet swearing off men helps too,” quipped another viewer.

Sister Monica replied directly, saying: “Not gonna lie. I think the absence of relationship stress helps.”

Someone else added: “Wait wait wait you’re not in your 30s?!!! I watched this whole video thinking you were like 32.”

“I thought you were for sure mid 30’s. Natural beauty,” another viewer commented.

Someone else commented: “Yeah I’m 21 and your skin looks 10x better than mine.”

“It’s amazing what no husband or screaming babies will do for your skin – you’re beautiful,” said one fan.

Sister Monica was stunned by the incredible response to the video.

“People have been extremely nice,” she said.

“I thought only four or five people would see the video.

“People saying I look like I’m in my thirties and hilarious comments saying it’s because I have no man to stress me out makes me laugh so hard.

“I am amazed at how kind and supportive people are on TikTok.”

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