Kansas City Metro Police crackdown on illegal

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Those participating in illegal “sideshows” were targeted over the weekend in a joint effort by KCMO and KCK Police Depts.
“Tires Beware! KCKPD officers seen here Sun. night during a coordinated operation with KCMO targeting sideshows. A total of 30 vehicles in KCK and 39 in KCMO were disabled utilizing stop-sticks,” KCK Police state in a release, along with a video of officers tossing stop sticks in front of a fleeing black car.

KCMO Police share video from above the melee at an intersection, “We are using our Helicopter Unit to enforce the law against illegal sideshows.”

It is obvious how this one intersection is taken over by dozens of participants and spectators.

Look closely when the video goes dark, and you can see the outline of officers, aided by the helicopter crew, making an arrest.

These sideshows pop up anywhere across the city, and police in both states feel they are dangerous.


39 successful stop stick deployments
27 traffic citations
4 city warrant arrests
3 vehicles towed
1 felony warrant arrest
1 child endangerment – a participant, with his 7-year-old, attempted to elude officers

Authorities state they are working hard to counter these illegal sideshows.

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