Man shot by Dallas officers who fired his gun in the air outside restaurant

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The Dallas Police Department (DPD) said a man was shot and injured by officers outside of a restaurant early Saturday morning.

According to the department, police were responding to a call at 3:05 a.m. about an "armed encounter on foot." When officers arrived to Williams Chicken on Robert B. Cullum Boulevard and Second Avenue, they say they found a man, identified as 53-year-old Kris Green, with a gun.

Officers told Green repeatedly to drop the gun, police said. According to them, he refused, yelled incoherently, and shot the gun into the air and tucked it under his arm before running toward an occupied vehicle at a stoplight.

Police said officers continued to issue verbal commands for Green to drop the weapon and surrender. But officers said Green continued to walk away from them.

At one point, police said an officer can be heard on bodycam saying the suspect, “is reaching for it."

The officers fired at Green, hitting him in the lower body, police said. Officers provided first aid for him until he was taken to a hospital.

According to officers, his injuries are not life-threatening. Police said he is listed in stable condition.

The officers involved were not injured.

DPD said the weapon Green had was recovered at the scene. Green is facing charges of deadly conduct, criminal mischief, possession of methamphetamine, and discharge of a firearm in certain municipalities.

The investigation is ongoing and is being investigated by the Dallas Police Special Investigations Unit, DPD said.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office was also notified and responded to the scene. The office will conduct its own investigation.

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