Bodycam release when a man died in police custody after a struggle with officers in Milford

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State investigators released an initial report about a man who died while in Milford police custody.

The Office of Inspector General said it has yet to determine the exact cause and manner of 52-year-old Michael Brown’s death.

Brown died on June 5.

Sometime after 10:35 a.m. on that date, Milford police responded to a Big Y World Class Market on the Boston Post Road to investigate a shoplifting report.

Brown was identified as the suspect, and Milford police reported that he had eight outstanding warrants for shoplifting.

Officers said they saw Brown leave the store and followed him to his car.

They said Brown ignored the officers’ directions to stop, and he entered the car. In body cam footage that was released, Milford police can be heard ordering him out of the car.

However, Brown complained of a “broken leg.”

“After he was physically removed from the car and placed in handcuffs, Brown complained of shortness of breath and leg pain,” the inspector general said.

Police asked for medical help from the Milford Fire Department, which responded to the scene and provided medical aid.

“During transport to Milford Hospital, Brown stopped breathing,” the inspector general said. “He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.”

According to the medical examiner’s notification to police, the cause of death was “pending.”

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