Fort Worth Police Release Shooting Video Involving Man Who Pointed a Gun at an Officer

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Fort Worth Police released two videos Thursday that they say show a man pointing a gun at an officer moments before he was shot.
In a statement released on video, Fort Worth Assistant Chief of Police Robert Alldredge said a woman called 911 on Jan. 21 to report that her brother, 35-year-old Hector Galvan Montelongo, pulled out a gun during an argument. She told 911 operators that he was still at the home and had put the gun in his pocket. As officers drove to the home, 911 operators were told the man was still armed but had gone into the backyard.

When officers arrived at the home, they reported seeing a man running away and ordered him to stop. When he didn't, Alldredge said the officer tried to use a stun gun to stop the man, but that the less lethal option was "ineffective."

The department released a residential surveillance video showing a man running down the street and being pursued by an officer. The officer appears to discharge his stun gun and, after taking several more steps, the man appears to trip and fall.

The man rolled over and sat upright on the road. Alldredge said that's when the man pulled a gun from his pants and pointed it at the officer, who then fired twice in the man's direction, hitting him at least once.

"Fearing that he was about to be shot, the officer fired his handgun two times at the suspect to stop his deadly threat," Alldredge said.

A second video released by the department was a body camera video from a second officer involved in the foot pursuit. That video contained audio and an officer can be heard yelling, "Hey, get your hands out of your pockets. I'll shoot you, bro! Put your f****** gun down," immediately before two shots were heard.

It's not clear which officer was heard in the recording.

Alldredge said after the man was shot, he can be seen on the residential camera throwing his gun into the grass.

After the shooting, Fort Worth Police took the man into custody and provided first aid. He was transported to an area hospital and was listed in stable condition.

Alldredge said the man was given multiple opportunities to stop, and that attempts were made to take him into custody with less lethal options before he was shot.

Fort Worth Police did not release bodycam video from the officer who shot the man. Police said the investigation is in the preliminary stages and is ongoing.

Handgun found in the grass after a police shooting, Jan. 21, 2023 in Fort Worth.
Galvan is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a family member and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a public servant. According to online jail records, Galvan is also facing two charges of burglary of a vehicle.

Two of the four charges have bonds attached to them totaling $10,800. There are currently no bond amounts for two charges added on Jan. 25, one burglary charge and aggravated assault against a public servant.

It's not clear if Galvan has obtained an attorney.

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