Crazy Road Rage in Winnipeg - Poster asks for witnesses

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From Poster: "I was heading westbound (towards polo) down Sargent avenue about to make a left turn on Milt Stegal Dr. As I established myself in the intersection there was another oncoming vehicle attempting to also make a left turn, therefore I crept forward to safely check for oncoming traffic.

Following this vehicle was a man in a white Chevy truck who became unreasonably and visibly angry that I was in his lane while trying to safely complete my turn. As soon as it was safe I proceeded with the turn while he was honking and flipping me off (to which I did the hand-in-the-air WTF motion).

This same man in the white Chevy truck then followed me down Milt Stegal Dr. and tried to literally run me off the road (as can be seen in the video posted below), by smashing into my vehicle several times. As you can see in the video he goes as far as trying to t-bone me. This video was the very beginning and only captured a GLIMPSE of this vicious attack.

After he had ALREADY hit my vehicle 3 times causing me to spin out (as shown in the video), I tried to drive away, and this man STILL proceeded to follow me.

He continued to chase me for several blocks within St.James/Westend area, relentlessly smashing into my vehicle every chance he could, with no regard for the other drivers on the road for 10 minutes or more. This man was ramming my vehicle into cars ahead of me and cars beside me, endangering the lives of not just mine, but everyone else. It was clear this man was not stopping and I had to do everything in my power to escape. This attack finally ended on Portage avenue where I was heading westbound (towards polo), where he smashed into the driver side of my vehicle, causing me to spin out and crash into the large concrete median. Since I was now facing downtown, I had no choice but to drive into oncoming traffic to escape, which I am SO thankful I was able to.

I have no idea who this man is and I have no idea why he did this. I believe there is nothing I could have done differently to prevent/avoid this attack other than not leaving my house that day. This attack was FAR from “road rage”. This was one of the most horrific and traumatic moments of my entire life, and at that moment I truly thought I was going to be killed, as I was being mercilessly attacked by a man in a large truck (I drive a small Hyundai Elantra). My car is completely written off but I am thankful to be alive.

I don’t feel safe knowing this person was released, and I think everyone has a right to know that this person is still out there and to be careful; not just on the road, but in general because people like this really exist. I don’t wish this type of experience on anyone and I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else. I am incredibly thankful that no one was physically injured - especially the other drivers on the road. Everyone, PLEASE be careful out there, there are some evil people in this world.

I am also asking you all to please to share this post wherever you can to gather further evidence for the police. Thank you, in advance."


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