Dash cam footage released of Clearcreek Township shows officer injured in fatal shooting

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The Clearcreek Township Police Department and Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell held a press conference Thursday to give an update after a shooting left one man dead and an officer in critical condition.

Clearcreek Township officer Eric Ney was taken to the hospital in critical condition after being shot in the head by a man, 65-year-old Mark Evers, as Ney and his partner responded to a domestic call Tuesday evening in Warren County.

Evers was shot and killed by Ney's partner, who Clearcreek police Chief John Terrill identified Thursday as Sgt. Nicole Cordero.

In the video, you see Sgt. Cordero running over to help Officer Ney after he was shot.

Chief Terrill said Evers' wife called 911 because of a domestic incident with her husband. When police arrived, Evers took off for about an hour before returning to the scene, Terrill said.

Sgt. Cordero was approaching Evers when he pulled out a gun and fired two shots at officer Ney.

Sgt. Cordero returned fire, striking Evers.

Prosecutor Fornshell said Thursday, Evers also suffered a contact wound or a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Warren County Coroner's Office will determine his cause of death.

Newly released 911 calls explain what information was relayed to first responders.

Evers' wife called 911 around 7:15 p.m.

"My husband just took our gator and he's been ramming the heck out of my car. He's destroyed my car. He's mad at me," she said. "

She was calm at the start of the call. When asked, she told dispatchers there were guns in the home.

"Are there any weapons involved?" the dispatcher asked.

"Oh no, but he does have weapons," the caller responded.

"Are they secure?" the dispatcher asked.

"Uh, well he's got like a little gun laying on the kitchen table," the caller answered.

When asked how the domestic situation started, the woman said, "Oh he's just mad at me. We're together 24/7, and he -- it doesn't take much."

She told the dispatcher her husband got mad because he thought she wrapped the horse's legs wrong.

Within one minute, the caller repeats "don't touch me" and then screams, asking police to hurry.

"He went back in the house," she said moments later. "And there's guns in there, so I just want you to be careful."

When Clearcreek Township police arrived, they said Evers took off into the farmland for about an hour but eventually returned.

Chief Terrill also said that officer Ney was up and on his feet Thursday morning, able to brush his teeth on his own, but did reiterate the injuries he suffered were severe.

The chief added that this is the first officer-involved shooting in the history of the department.

Many of the questions asked of Chief Terrill went unanswered, with the chief citing an ongoing Ohio BCI investigation.

Thursday's press conference was the first update given on Ney's condition since just before 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, when officials told WLWT's Megan Mitchell that Ney was breathing on his own and was responsive but had a long road to recovery and was still in the ICU.

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