Cops catch dozens of revellers at pool party breaking Covid-19 restrictions in southern Thailand

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Thai cops caught dozens of revellers at a pool party breaking Covid-19 restrictions in southern Thailand.

Officers raided a hotel after locals complained about teenagers allegedly hosting a party with drugs and loud music in Songkhla province.

The cops found 48 drunk revellers – some of them were female minors – while small packets of substances believed to be drugs were scattered on the floor.

Evidence seized from the scene included liquor and substances that were later tested to be an assortment of illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, ketamine, and kratom juice.

Songkhla Province Special Operations Division head Wichet Saikiseng said: ‘When we arrived, we immediately saw some of them drinking around the pool while the others played snooker.

‘Around seven people escaped from the hotel when we arrived but we are now searching for them. Some of those arrested were minors and we have contacted their parents.’

Those arrested were tested for Covid-19 and were isolated in the police station while waiting for the result. They will be charged with violating the Emergency Decree on coronavirus guidelines as well as the liquor ban, and possession of illegal drugs.

The hotel’s owner and its manager were also summoned to the station for questioning while the establishment would be closed pending the investigation.

Bars have been closed for several months due to the spread of Covid-19 in Thailand.

Thailand has recorded 604,421 Covid-19 cases and 5,168 deaths as of August 2 – with cases rising dramatically throughout this month.

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