Stranded Truck Slammed By Freight Train

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Occurred on November 29, 2021 / Tulare, California, USA

"This incident took place at the intersection of Rankin Ave and road 112 around 7:30 am. The truck driver was unaware of the road as he was new to the area. There is a stop sign right after the railroad tracks and as you pass the tracks the road slopes down. As he came to a stop his trailer got stuck on the tracks and as he tried to pull forward due to the downgrade of the road near stop sign he was unable to get the truck and trailer unstuck. I tried pulling him with my truck and was unable to get him unstuck in time. Emergency number was called to signal oncoming train but they didn’t answer. As train was nearing we made sure to clear the area of any pedestrians including the driver who is seen running at the beginning of the video on the left-hand side. Seconds later, the train drove straight through the semi truck and car hauling trailer which was still hitched up. All cargo and the semi-truck were destroyed, however, nobody was injured."

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