Body cam footage shows moments when Stockton officer shot man carrying fake gun

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About a month after a police shooting left a man carrying a replica gun dead, the Stockton Police Department released body-worn camera footage showing the moments before, during and after the confrontation.

Police identified the man killed as 34-year-old Jory Jamarr Lester of Stockton. Previous story here.

The video shows the perspective of two officers who responded to a report of a man breaking into a motel room. Stockton police said the officer who fired his weapon was Marcos Alonso. He was hired in November 2020 for field operations.

Stockton police shooting unfolds
The video also included dispatch audio with the caller. The caller told the dispatcher that he was on the first floor of the motel lobby, watching a person trying to break into his room on the third floor.

He told the dispatcher that he was watching the person kick in the door until he decided to break in through the window. The man called dispatch again a short time later, describing the man as having a backpack, blue jeans, white shoes and a dark-colored hoodie. He also said the man was sweaty, wet, bleeding and apparently under the influence.

The video released also includes the body camera of an Officer Rozal, who was there at the time when Alonso fired his weapon. From his bodycam, you can see Alonso confront Lester. When the shooting happened, Rozal took cover behind their patrol car but did not fire his weapon.

From Alonso's perspective, you can see him get out of the patrol car and approach Lester. Alonso had his gun and flashlight pointed at Lester and told him, "Let me see your hands."

Lester responded by saying, "Huh," while still walking past officers. Lester repeated the command, and that's when Lester put up his hands but continued walking away.

Alonso told Lester to put up his hands a third time and, this time, also said to "stop moving."

Lester responded with a "no" and kept walking away.

Alonso said, "Stop moving" again, and Lester responded by saying, "I ain't did nothing."

After Alonso told Lester to stop moving a third time, Lester said, "Get off."

Roughly nine seconds had passed during the entire confrontation before Lester turned around and appeared to grab a large object from his waist area.

You can see Alonso back away and then fire seven shots at Lester.

Officers make their call to dispatchers that shots were fired.

Lester is seen on the ground and not moving.

What happened after the shooting
Officers stayed near their patrol car until more units arrived at the scene. Police did not say how long it took until officers began to provide medical aid.

Lester died at the scene, police said.

Officers learned after the shooting that the firearm was a replica, police said.

Details were not released on how many of the bullets hit Lester. No officers were injured, police said. Alonso was also placed on administrative leave, which is standard whenever an officer gets involved in a shooting.

Along with the police department, the San Joaquin County District Attorney's Bureau of Investigations, the California Department of Justice and the San Joaquin County Medical Examiner's Office are investigating the shooting.

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