Schoolgirl, 11, finds cobra hiding in bathroom during online class

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An 11-year-old schoolgirl was terrified after finding a deadly cobra hiding in the bathroom during an online class.

Pattaraporn Ruaseechan heard strange noises coming from the bathroom while studying on her computer at home in Ayutthaya province, Thailand on September 7.

When the youngster followed the sound, she was shocked to find the 3.2ft-long venomous creature waiting by the toilet door.

The fifth-grader then ran out of the bathroom and called her mother immediately before they contacted the animal rescuers for help.

Mother Saranya Ruaseechan said: ‘It was the first time we saw such creature inside the house. I was relieved my daughter was not hurt. The snake might have entered through the sewers.’

Snake wranglers found the frightened mother and daughter outside their home and asked the girl to point out where the serpent was hiding before producing a stick to catch it.

The team took ten minutes to catch the snake by grabbing the animal on its neck using tongs attached to a long pole. No one was reported hurt in the incident including the snake.

They then placed the reptile inside a sack to release it into the wild later after the house owner and her daughter thanked them.

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