Maybe look before you pull out? Idiots on two wheels and four show the value of paying attention

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From Brazil to Ukraine, carelessness on the road knows no borders, as three videos of crashes and near misses show.

All three could have been avoided if only the reckless road user had simply checked before pulling out.

In one, filmed on 23 March 2017 in Nova Nazaré, Brazil, a motorcyclist biker takes a swift turn around a blind corner, and almost drives head-on into the filmer.

But for luck and the filmer's fast reactions, the motorbike and its passengers could well have been seriously hurt or worse.

In another clip filmed on 26 May 2021 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the filmer is driving down the road when suddenly a minibus pulls out from the side.

The filmer reacts fast and swerves sideways around the minibus, avoiding a smash -- impressive reactions even though the proper thing to do in this situation would've been for the driver to brake and not turn the steering wheel.

In the final clip, shot on 10 October 2015, back in Nova Nazaré, Brazil, a biker comes to a junction and instead of checking both ways, he proceeds to pull out, hitting a passing car, that collides with the bike.

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