Buffalo police officers fatal shot a suspect armed with a shotgun after 20 rounds were fired

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Buffalo Police have released body cam footage of the fatal, officer-involved shooting Saturday.

Edward Holmes, 58, was shot and killed by two Buffalo Police officers on Reed Street.

Footage taken from officers Andrew Lewis and Joshua Slupinski shows authorities arriving on scene to find Holmes with a shotgun. After officers told him to drop the weapon, Holmes is seen firing a round, prompting two officers to return fire with 20 rounds, striking him twice and later pronouncing him dead at the scene.

2 On Your Side pressed Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia on the need for 20 rounds.

“It was absolutely justified,” Gramaglia said of the use of deadly force. “I know there's some talk out there, you know, you shoot somebody in the leg, shoot somebody in the arm. You're taught to shoot center mass and shoot to end the threat.”

Buffalo PD also released the 911 call, which it has confirmed came from Holmes calling the authorities on himself. He referred to himself in the third person, saying there was a man on the street with a shotgun that would shoot if he was approached.

Because of this, Buffalo Police concluded it was a suicide-by-cop situation.

Buffalo Common Councilwoman Leah Halton-Pope spoke out about Buffalo PD’s use of force, saying in a statement Monday: “Watching the body cam footage, the absence of de-escalation efforts by Buffalo police is glaring.”

But Gramaglia stood by the actions of his officers, urging the public to understand this was not received as a mental health call.

“I think they did the absolute best that they could in what the training that they have,” he said. “The way that this unfolded, this was a gun call. And this is how numerous gun calls come in.”

Buffalo Police and the Attorney General’s office have launched an investigation into the shooting, and both officers have been placed on administrative leave.

2 On Your Side spoke to members of Holmes’ family Sunday night, but the family was not reachable after the body cam footage was released.

“My dad ain’t never been the type of man to come out and shoot at no police,” Edward Holmes Jr. said Sunday. “I'm not hearing it. I don't buy it. That's not my dad.”

"He called out for help,” the victim’s daughter, Lakia Holmes, said. “Instead of y'all coming to help him, y’all killed him.”

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