Police release video of Dennis

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Bristol Police released video of officers taking Dennis “D.J.” Hernandez at his home in Bristol on July 19.

Videos from three different officers' body cameras show Hernandez walking from a rear yard holding what appears to be a water bottle. Officers repeatedly tell him to get on the ground. One officer approaches from behind and uses a stun gun. Hernandez falls to the ground, incapacitated and moaning.

Officers then are seen moving to Hernandez as he lays in the grass next to the driveway.

D.J. Hernandez is the brother of convicted murderer and former football star Aaron Hernandez.

It was the 4th time this year that the 35-year-old was arrested. The arrest warrant details where Hernadez’s ex-girlfriend told police he drove to the Storrs campus on July 7 to “map the schools out” and went inside “a number of classrooms and buildings.”

In a text message to a family member, Hernandez allegedly wrote, “UConn program is going to pay…I don’t give a **** who gets caught in the crossfire.” Hernandez went on to write, “Not all shootings are bad. I’m realizing some are necessary for change to happen.”

This arrest comes after Hernandez was apprehended in May following a high-speed chase. Then again days later for vandalizing property at ESPN.

Hernadez's court date has been set for August 1 at 10 a.m. in New Britain.

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