My 2022 Update for Major Earthquake to Hit Vancouver British Columbia anytime soon

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Here is My Update for Major Earthquake to Hit Vancouver British Columbia anytime soon and it will bring 7.0 or Greater Magnitude Earthquake and Vancouver lies on Cascadia Subduction Zone it lies on the North American, Pacific and Juan De Fuca Tectonic plates and the Earthquake will happen we can't predict Earthquakes Earthquake are unpredictable and People in Vancouver can't escape from Earthquakes forever and it will knock out power bring down power lines and Snapping tree branches in half and damage Buildings and bridges and it will cause tsunami and it will hit Vancouver Island and west coast of British Columbia and it will damage port Mann bridge ironworkers memorial bridge and lions gate Bridge and have your medical kits emergency kits flashlights candles crank up radio extra batteries generators battery operated Lanterns and bottled water ready and have your Earthquake kits ready and start doing your Earthquake Drills and during the earthquake if you ate indoors go underneath the Tables and chairs and when you are outdoors don't go inside the buildings during an Earthquake in Vancouver British Columbia and lock your dishes in your cupboards and groceries will knock over. If you have anybody living in Vancouver British Columbia Be Prepared for Major Earthquake anytime soon Take Care and Stay Safe and Don't Get Caught in the Major Earthquake Be Safe

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