Wild turkey causes chaos after breaking into Ohio home

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A wild turkey caused quite the commotion in an Ohio home earlier this week.

Body cam video from Miami Township police shows the moments the turkey broke free from a net and flew out a window to get back outside.

The turkey had already smashed through the window to get into the home. Glass and toys can be seen scattered on the floor.

"Was the window shut? Or did it break?" the officer asks.

"Oh, the window broke. It flew through the window," the homeowner tells police. She said she was also recording video for home insurance purposes.

"That poor turkey, though," she says as the turkey gets captured in a net. "I feel so bad for it; it’s probably hurt."

Then, as the turkey was being carefully carried to the back door, it began scrambling to free itself from the net.

Another glass-shattering bang is heard.

"Did it just run out?" the officer asks, and the video pans over to show the turkey flying right back out of the window it broke into.

"Police officers get calls for everything, but this was the first time we’ve been dispatched for a wild turkey breaking into a house...and then breaking out," police wrote on Twitter when they shared the video.

No word on if the turkey was hurt in the incident.

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