Bodycam shows man exchange shots with Fort Worth officers before suspect kills himself

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Police encountered 35-year-old Shane Miller when responding to the alarm a little after 9:10 p.m. Dec. 12. Miller became a suspect after being present near the business when officers showed up to investigate the alarm, Police Chief Neil Noakes told reporters Monday.

Bodycam footage showed officers talking with Miller, who identified himself as an Army veteran currently working in construction. Miller took off running after a third squad car arrived on the scene.

The footage showed Miller running and removing a handgun from his waistband as he turned to fire at officers. Three officers returned fire, Noakes said.

Police pursued Miller northbound on Beach Street. He can be seen running behind a Taco Cabana before officers return to their vehicles to continue the chase.

The footage then cuts to a security camera showing Miller walking toward the McDonald’s at 3901 Airport Freeway. The video shows Miller tripping over a storm drain before sitting up and shooting himself in the head, taking his own life, police said.

Miller had no known history of mental illness, but did have a parole violation for narcotics possession, Noakes said.

One officer can be seen falling in the video during the exchange of gunfire, but no officers were hurt in the incident.

Noakes said he was proud of how his officers responded, saying they took care making sure their gunfire wouldn’t hurt any innocent bystanders.

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