Lansing police release bodycam video of deadly shooting; Familys lawyer to file civil rights lawsuit

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The Lansing Police Department has released bodycam video of a deadly shooting that happened one week ago on Dec. 1.

LPD officers on Friday responded to the 1600 block of Massachusetts Avenue in Lansing shortly after 11 p.m., for multiple calls about a domestic violence situation, including reports that a woman at the address had been shot.

Police said when they got there, they approached a car where they found Romero and the woman, whom they would later discover had no injuries.

“During this encounter, a gun is presented by a male subject, and officers engage him at the point. At 11:27, units advised that shots had been fired.” LPD Chief Ellery Sosebee in a news conference on Sunday.

During the news conference, Sosebee declined to say whether or not Romero had shot at officers, saying the detail at this point could compromise the investigation.

The Romero family’s lawyer, managing partner James Harrington of Fieger Law, said during a news conference Friday his firm will be filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Lansing Police Department.

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