Dash cam shows Illinois State trooper injured and suspect killed in shootout during a traffic stop

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The Illinois State Police has released dash cam video of an incident earlier this week when a male motorist was shot and killed, and a trooper injured, in an exchange of gunfire on the side of Interstate 64. We warn the video could be disturbing to some viewers.

ISP continues its investigation into the incident that took place around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 9, on Interstate 64 near Mt. Vernon. During the incident, an altercation occurred and 23-year-old Brandon L. Griffin of Albuquerque, New Mexico brandished a firearm. Griffin and an officer exchanged gunfire, and Griffin was fatally shot. An ISP officer was also shot and was taken to an area hospital. The Officer has since been released and is recovering at home.

Griffin’s wife, 31-year-old Christine J. Santos, was present at the time of the incident and is currently being held at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on a no-bond arrest warrant out of New Mexico for bond violations on a pending aggravated assault with a firearm case in which Griffin was her co-defendant.

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