Georgia police officer saves choking infant in bodycam footage

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A Georgia police officer is being hailed as a hero after dramatic body camera footage shows how her quick actions helped save a choking baby.
Senoia Police Department's officer Alexis Callaway's calm and quick actions are being credited with saving a four-week-old baby's life. Body camera footage shows the tense moments where Officer Callaway springs to action after the department received a 911 call for a choking baby.

"I saw the baby. Saw that it was the grandmother that had the baby." Carraway told FOX 5 Atlanta, "I took it. Made myself at home and started going."

Dramatic body camera footage shows Callaway leading the way into the infant's home, promptly taking the baby from his grandmother and beginning to administer first aid.

"I’ve been certified since the age of 16 and working with kids and stuff like that," Officer Callaway shared with FOX 5.

Officer Callaway began the technique by inverting the baby and repeatedly patting his back. The four-week-old baby was choking, and his grandmother shared that he was limp, according to body camera footage.

"It is supposed to release anything that could be obstructing the airway." Callway shared, explaining her technique. "And you are supposed to have them angled kind of downward to help get them lodged out."

After Callaway and a team of paramedics and firefighters administered the life-saving technique, the baby spit out the liquid and gasped for air, much to the relief of his concerned family and first responders.

"It’s rewarding, I think he was one month old, now gets the rest of his life," the officer said.

Officer Callaway has been on the force for two years and encourages everyone to learn CPR and first aid.

"Prevent what could have been a disastrous outcome in that even during that time of mayhem, that she brought just a sense of calm to that entire incident," Senoia Police Department's Captain Jason Ercole shared following the incident.

Callaway will receive the Senoia Police Department's lifesaving award in a ceremony in March.

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