Bodycam video shows moments leading up to stabbing of Mifflin Township officer

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Authorities released body camera footage on Monday showing what led up to a man stabbing a Mifflin Township officer in the head with a homemade knife.

Officers were called to the 2900 block of Perdue Avenue, located just north of the East Linden neighborhood Sunday night.

A neighbor said he went to help what he believed was a stranded motorist help jump start a car, but called 911 after he said the motorist, 36-year-old Bryan Benjamin, began acting erratically.

An officer arrives at the scene and asks Benjamin if he needs a jump. Benjamin replies that he does, and the officer asks him to hold on a minute. The officer asks Benjamin if he has any ID multiple times, and Benjamin ignores him while trying to push the car.

The officer goes back to his cruiser and finds out Benjamin's identity and learns he had a warrant out for his arrest.

The officer approaches Benjamin again, more arguing happens and eventually a scuffle ensues. Benjamin allegedly stabbed the officer multiple times with a homemade knife, according to police.

Body camera video from a Clinton Township officer shows Benjamin is taken into custody with a knife still in his hand.

The officer who was stabbed is expected to survive.

Benjamin has been charged with resisting arrest multiple times in the past. He faces felonious assault charges in this case and is due in court on Tuesday.

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