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5  'Freedom Day': Anti-mask protesters cover London bus with stickers

pic By: Newsflare (3979.00) Views: 504 Score: 5 Duration: 1:11 5 days ago

Anti-mask protesters outside The Houses of Parliament in London blocked the path of a bus today (Jul..

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0  Elephant chased by huge crowd in India's West Bengal

pic By: Newsflare (3979.00) Views: 540 Score: 0 Duration: 3:23 one day ago

A crowd of locals chased away an elephant after it strayed off its corridor in eastern India's West ..

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1  Buddhist temple decorated with thousands of losing lottery tickets as warning against gambling

pic By: Newsflare (3979.00) Views: 684 Score: 1 Duration: 3:14 2 days ago

A Buddhist temple is decorated with thousands of losing lottery tickets to warn followers against ga..

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5  Mall ceiling collapses under weight of rain in eastern China

pic By: Newsflare (3979.00) Views: 1764 Score: 5 Duration: 0:50 4 days ago

A ceiling collapsed at a shopping mall in eastern China due to a heavy rainstorm. The video, shot..

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2  When your girlfriend is sick...

pic By: Jararaka (134.30) Views: 2700 Score: 2 Duration: 4:46 2 days ago

2018 year. The most massive cover in the history of Russian rock music. A girl fell ill, and her ..

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0  Flash floods hit Laos destroying farming fields

pic By: Newsflare (3979.00) Views: 612 Score: 0 Duration: 1:46 2 days ago

Footage shows flash floods in northern Laos close to the border with China. Heavy rain battered the..

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2  Combat firing of the S-500 antiballistic complex.

pic By: Jararaka (134.30) Views: 1584 Score: 2 Duration: 0:33 3 days ago

Polygon Kapustin Yar. The main task of the complex is to combat the combat equipment of medium-ra..

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2  A day of reckoning shows America's pandemic battle is sliding backward

pic By: wodiguai (5.00) Views: 1116 Score: 2 4 days ago

If Joe Biden's July Fourth fireworks marked a moment to declare the darkest days of the pandemic ove..

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2  Motorcyclists swept down road by rapid floodwater in southwest China

pic By: Newsflare (3979.00) Views: 1836 Score: 2 Duration: 1:00 4 days ago

Rapid floodwater swept motorcyclists down a submerged road in southwest China. The video, filmed ..

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1  YouTube livestreamer arrested during London anti-lockdown protest on Freedom Day

pic By: Newsflare (3979.00) Views: 972 Score: 1 Duration: 2:16 5 days ago

An activist-journalist behind a YouTube account with nearly 35,000 subscribers was punched by police..

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1  Freedom Day: Many Londoners still wearing facemasks as government lifts COVID-19 restrictions

pic By: Newsflare (3979.00) Views: 540 Score: 1 Duration: 1:05 5 days ago

In diverse Kilburn, northwest London, many people are still wearing facemasks even though it is no l..

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3  Hapless dog rescued after poking head through manhole cover and getting stuck

pic By: Newsflare (3979.00) Views: 1656 Score: 3 Duration: 3:15 Jul-14-2021

A hapless stray dog was rescued after poking its head through a manhole cover and getting stuck. ..

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