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47  Bear's excellent aim

pic By: badboypk21 (57.50) Views: 44100 Score: 47 Duration: 0:57 3 days ago

A bear scared by a group of hikers (or perhaps hunters?) , climps up a tree but has a smelly surpris..

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68  How they deal with illegally parked scooters in India

pic By: badboypk21 (57.50) Views: 90615 Score: 68 Duration: 1:43 7 days ago

In India, municipal employee accompanied by police, ordered to clear a road with illegally parked sc..

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56  AirportGTA

pic By: badboypk21 (57.50) Views: 47484 Score: 56 Duration: 0:54 Jul-18-2021

Found this on reddit....don't know if it's repost...I think it's in Russia......

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