Travis William Heinze

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My Double Arrests in Williston, North Dakota, the progressive oil town

pic By: Travis William Heinze (1.20) Views: 2938 Score: 2 Duration: 4:54 Jun-30-2021

The arrests only took 11 months to process and lead to a dismissal of both criminal charges and a sa..

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Officer Cruise & Ravaska Arrest Me for Not Showing My ID in Williston, ND

pic By: Travis William Heinze (1.20) Views: 5115 Score: 1 Duration: 1:37 May-8-2021

I enforced my 4th Amendment Rights and they refused, citing their police policies as their authoriza..

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Walking Past Library Security in Williston, North Dakota

pic By: Travis William Heinze (1.20) Views: 1965 Score: 1 May-7-2021

She didn't even stop to tell me that I wasn't allowed in this library. Instead they called the cops ..

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