Baby born with 1 foot stands for first time with prosthetic in ‘precious’ video bringing TikTok users to tears

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A baby who was born with a missing foot has been able to stand for the first time thanks to a new prosthetic limb – and the video of the moment has brought TikTok users to tears.

Georgina Wintersgill, 27, from Warrington, gave birth to daughter Savannah in May 2020 after her 20-week scan found the baby’s right foot had not developed.

Doctors believed amniotic band syndrome had occurred – a rare birth defect in which bands of tissue inside the sac of fluid surrounding the baby tangles around the baby’s body.

“It was a shock and overwhelming because I had never heard of it before,” Georgina said.

“But I found myself feeling positive as it could have been a lot worse and I was told medical aids later on in life would help her adapt.”

Savannah has been under hospital care since birth and has regular appointments with a consultant from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Her tibia and fibula bones are currently growing at a normal rate, meaning there isn’t too much of a difference in the length of her legs.

But even a small difference means it is hard for the tot to stand properly.

Savannah had been trying to pull herself up against the furniture by March 2021 and got upset when she couldn’t.

The mum said: “We didn’t know if this was due to pain or simple frustration as she couldn’t keep up holding onto things [due] to the leg difference."

Georgina and Savannah’s dad, Daniel Brown, went to the prosthetic and wheelchair clinic at Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool in early March 2021 to discuss options.

They decided to try a prosthetic foot and took castings of Savannah’s feet.

The mum said: “I don’t think I could keep the smile off of my face as I wasn’t expecting it.

“Within two weeks, Savannah’s foot was ready for us to collect and try on.

“I filmed her having it placed on for the first time and it’s so heartwarming, she’s full of smiles.

“She’s genuinely a happy baby anyway but it was as though she knew what she was getting, even though she’s too young to understand.”

The sweet tot finally got to stand up, holding onto support bars at the hospital after trying on her new foot – a moment that was “amazing” for her mum to watch.

Georgina said: “She instantly beamed, smiling again as though she was super proud of herself.

“As a mum, I instantly felt proud seeing my child standing and hitting milestones.

“Savannah has three other siblings so I think this has encouraged her to try milestones earlier on.

“Now if I let her hold my fingers, she can do steps with her prosthetic on which is amazing.

“Hopefully soon she will get the courage to just go and there won’t be any stopping her – and that’s when she will be up to no good.”

Little Savannah may only be 10 months old but she already has a legion of fans after Georgina shared "precious" clips of her trying out her new foot on Instagram and TikTok.

One person commented: “She sure does deserve for the world to see her amazing strength and beautiful smile – proud to show everyone how it’s done.”

“She will be running soon I promise you – you will be so proud of her and she is absolutely adorable,” another person said.

Other people said seeing the cheerful moment had made their day.

Another person said: “Oh wow she’s just melted my heart, what a brave little cutie pie.”

Specialists have explained that Savannah may require the use of a wheelchair in the future for periods when the prosthetic becomes uncomfortable, but generally, she should get on well with it.

Georgina, who is also mum to son Maxi, n9, and daughters Tamara, 6 and 2-year-old Carissa, said: “I am so proud of how the older ones have taken Savannah’s difference on board – they aren’t shy of being proud of her and always tell their friends about her.

“The look of excitement on their faces when I said I’ve got her prosthetic was heart-warming.

“I had worried during my pregnancy about how other children would react when she is older and what impact it may have on her mentally.

“There are people who can say hurtful things but as parents we want to make sure she knows she is just unique and that it is nothing to be ashamed of.

“As she grows, I will make sure she knows it’s OK for people to be wondering why and to be able to approach her and ask how it happened.

“This is why I made an Instagram and TikTok page – social media is a great platform to raise awareness on differences to also to show her journey.”

Savannah is awaiting a clinical meeting when she turns one to discuss any future operations she may need, including a potential amputation to help with prosthetic fittings.

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