Fearless three-year-old girl escapes burning home and calls for help to save her stricken father

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A fearless three-year-old girl escaped from her family’s burning home and called help to rescue her stricken father.

Dramatic footage shows the heroic toddler in yellow pyjamas emerging from thick smoke and flames ripping through the building in Lanao del Norte province, the Philippines on October 1.

The little girl, who has not been named, appeared confused at first but ran away from the blazing structure – which is next to a fuel station, before concerned onlookers took her away to safety.

She then asked the adults to help her father who was still inside the house after he suffered a heart attack during the fire.

Onlooker John Rey Jumawan Sotto, who was visiting the area, said: ‘We were busy preparing a venue for an event when we heard people screaming outside.

‘We then saw smoke and eventually fire engulfing the shops and houses on the opposite side of the road. We went out and saw the girl. Everything happened so fast.’

John added that the girl was spotted looking outside from the second floor of a structure before she was seen running out to ask for help.

He said: ‘I saw her from the window on the second floor and she looked anxious so I hurried down to see and help her. I was shocked when I saw her running out of the burning house.

‘The girl was amazing and brave because she saved herself and asked for help to save her father who had a heart attack while the house was on fire.

‘She couldn’t talk much as was very shaken but she kept asking for help for her father.’

As the structure was made of wood and other lightweight materials, the flames had spread quickly but the Kolambugan Fire Station said no one was reported injured in the incident.

The girl’s father was also rescued and rushed to the hospital where he is recovering while the damage to the property reached up to two million Philippines pesos or a little less than 29,000 GBP.

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