Woman takes a tumble while crossing river in off-road pick-up truck

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Footage shows the moment a woman took a tumble and landed in the water while crossing a choppy river in the back of a pick-up truck.

The passenger was riding on a seat in the back of the vehicle with her partner during an off-road day trip in Nakhon Nayok, northeast Thailand, on Sunday September 12.

However, the diesel-belching truck struggled to make it up a steep bank on the other side of the rapids and shook from side to side.

The woman was flung from the seat – which is normally used for carrying luggage – and crashed into the cold water below. Onlookers quickly rushed to her aide and helped her to safety. She was shaken but not hurt in the collision.

Onlooker Karn Apantree said: ‘I was watching from far away but the woman was not injured. She went back inside the car.

‘They were taking part in an off-road adventure trip but I think it was dangerous, so I want people to see what happened so they will be more careful.’

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