Marble Arch Mound: Visitors doubt safety of infamous new London attraction

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Visitors to the Marble Arch Mound in London on Saturday (August 14) were heard questioning the safety of the infamous new attraction which has so far cost £6m ($8.3m).

In footage captured during a descent of the mound, a visitor was overheard remarking "next month someone's gonna break these" as they climbed down the steps.

Security can be heard in another bit of footage asking people to "keep moving" around the 25-metre high viewing platform, presumed to be a measure to prevent overcrowding, giving visitors only a few minutes at the top of the mound. The Marble Arch Mound's ticket website states that a visit "can take around 45 minutes".

Earlier this month, MailOnline reported seeing "loose electrical wiring" on the viewing platform.

The Marble Arch Mound opened on July 26 and closed after two days following complaints about the quality and price of the attraction. It reopened 13 days later without an entrance fee and with the offer of refunds for those who had already paid.

The project's cost has also ballooned from its projected cost of £3.3m ($4.5m).

Westminster Council deputy leader Melvyn Caplan, who led the Mound project, has now resigned.

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