Determined locals carry on with BBQ despite flooded restaurant in Thailand

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This is the moment determined locals carried on with their BBQ dinner despite a restaurant being flooded in Thailand.

Customers were dining at a seafood grill and hotpot restaurant in Phetchabun province when a heavy downpour submerged the area in ankle-deep water.

But instead of retreating from the muddy deluge, the locals kept on casually grilling the meat with their families like nothing happened.

Footage shows flash floods slowly rising in the food shop while a family with a toddler enjoyed a delicious meat and seafood grill.

Customer Kong Kwan said: ‘No one wanted to leave because the food was so good. Even with place underwater the people stayed.’

The water almost reached knee-deep level but it receded after the thunderstorm and before the restaurant closed for the day.

No one was reported hurt nor any properties damaged during the weather disturbance.

Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are in the middle of their tropical monsoon rainy season, which lasts until October or November. Soaring temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius are often followed by powerful tropical storms with thunder, lightning, rain and flash floods which cause rivers to flow faster and become dangerous.

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