Crimes crazy and crafty: Man burns ATM for no reason, other crooks use sheets to rob phone shop

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Two recent incidents showed very different approaches to carrying out crimes in India.

In one case, a man torched an ATM for no obvious reason, in another a gang used bedsheets to facilitate the robbery of a mobile phone shop.

On August 9, CCTV filmed an unidentified man poring petrol on a Hitachi ATM machine in front of PG College in Khargone in Madhya Pradesh. He then threw a match on the machine and set it on fire.

Police say they are looking for the youth, whose motive is entirely unclear. They said he later stood in a crowd of people who gathered as it burned, none of whom realised he was the instigator.

In a less senseless but no less brazen crime, six thieves made off with mobile phones worth Rs 40 lakh (4m rupees; $53,000) from a showroom on a busy road in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, on 21 June.

Two of the crooks used bedsheets to hide the other men as they broke open the store's shutter. One of them then slipped inside and carried away the cell phones in a bag.

The shop owner, Nitesh Agarwal, realised the theft when he went to the shop later. He said they broke in at around 6.30am local time. He said the thieves unboxed the phones and took only the devices.

Police now have the CCTV footage and are trying to catch the criminals.

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