Couple let 6-foot pet SNAKE roam free in park during fun day out leaving sunbathers stunned

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A man was shocked to spot a 6-foot snake roaming in a Scottish park as he claims its owners brought it along for a fun day out.

Sam Vanderplank, 21, cycled to Magdalen Green, Dundee, to enjoy the late summer sunshine on September 7.

He was relaxing on the grass when he saw two men carrying a large box – with their reptile inside.

"It contained their pet snake, which they allowed to roam around on the grass and enjoy the sun," Sam said.

The student watched the snake hang about in the grass for around an hour and says they were still there when he left, but he was told they eventually packed the reptile back into the box and left.

With the park full of sunbathers, many were surprised to see the pet slithering around so freely, but the owners happily engaged with anyone who was worried.

Sam said: "I jumped quite a bit when I first saw her just a few metres away from me but I was reassured that she was very friendly and so found it to be an extremely cool experience to have on a Tuesday afternoon.

"They spoke to everyone who came to have a look with their children and take photos with the snake.

"Everyone was very much intrigued and excited to have been able to see a snake-like that so close up."

A friend posted Sam's clips of the snake on some local Facebook pages and people were quick to give their thoughts.

"Taking a snake for a walk? That's a new one for me," wrote one person.

"Seen it all now," added someone else.

Someone else wrote: "I'd actually run the other direction if I saw a snake on the grass."

A fifth person added: "I wonder does it have a leash? Does it come back if you shout? Does it play fetch?"

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